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President, Antonio Luisoni email

Membership Secretary, Emmy Muller email



Membership application

The Swiss Relief Society of Los Angeles was founded in 1924 with the exclusive purpose of providing temporary financial aid and assistance to persons of Swiss origin and/or descendants located in Southern California who, through some unfortunate circumstances, have suffered deprivation and destitution and find themselves in need of assistance and temporary monetary support.

In order to be in compliance with the requirements of a non-profit organization, we need to maintain a minimum number of members and show proof of benevolent activity during the year (support an adequate amount of people in need). Therefore the board of directors of the SRS Los Angeles is calling on the local Swiss Community to become members for the very small amount of $5 initiation fee and $5 membership fee per person per year.

At the same time, we need caring members to notify us of people that would be in legitimate need of financial assistance. These can then also be referred to the Swiss Consulate in San Francisco for further support and assistance. 

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