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Welcome to Swiss Connex – Sponsored by Swiss Park Inc.


Swiss Connex is the on-line community forum for Swiss in Southern California and beyond to connect with one another.


Swiss Connex is a free community service. You have to register to be able to use the Swiss Connex portal.  The registration information will be kept private with Swiss Park Inc.  We will not sell or distribute your personal information to third party vendors or entities.

To read and participate in the forum, please register in the top right corner where it says "login".  When you register create your own password, or login with Facebook or Google.  Once you have registered, please read the forum welcome for guidelines, and add your comments.

If you received the November 2021 newsletter by email, you are already a member but need to create a password.  At the Sign-up, when it asks "Already a Member", click login.  Select Login with email, then click Forgot Password.  You will then be emailed a link where you can create your password.

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